WineHer.com is the idea of one Zachary M.C. Harris.

Years ago, I went to an industry wine tasting, and I believe that it was at a time that I was feeling very strongly for a woman that I was previously dating. Anyway, the tasting was interesting, but not really too exciting… that is until I started to put down a few, and at that point, I started classifying wines by their romantic potential, as in when would the best times be to serve them to a woman. In fact, some of the winemakers loved the new classifications that I was giving them.

Flash-forward, and after serving some different wines to a group of friends, my best friend told me that I need to start working on something that provides recommendations of wine to serve to women. So, here we are with this site. While it will not only have wine reviews, but it will also have news articles and stories focused around the connected concept of wine and women, but not in a disrespectful way. I do love sharing a good bottle of wine or two with a woman, and I would say the reverse, but…

Summarily, this site will be not only a site with wine recommendations for men [and women], but also a site in which men can talk about their ideas about the women and romance, and share it amongst one another.


Our Mission: Wine Her is aimed at showing the romantic intersection of wines and women. It will not only explore wine suggestions and choices that would be extremely palatable to the largest percentage of female wine drinkers, but also to those that have some not so stereotypical tastes of lighter and/or sweeter wines. Additionally, we'll have some great discussions, debates, stories and articles for men in regards to women, wine, and relationships.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019
9:18:01 PM