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Monday, June 17, 2013

Good morning readers/browsers,

It"s been quite awhile since I have written a new article or diary entry, though I have been adding reviews and will be adding one today. 

The reality is that I have been quite busy for the past few months, mostly with putting together a proposal for my own wine label and what not.  It"s something that I am setting out to do, and hopefully it will happen sooner than later.  I am giving myself one year to set up the whole thing, but with the right moves and what not, I can get it started within a couple of months.  My plan is to raise about 250K and it can come in the form of minimum investments of $100 and average investments of $250.  When it happens, it"s one of those things that will also focus on strategic partnerships with the arts -- both visual and performance, to also include film & video -- and areas such as fashion, tourism, and merchandising.

Outside of that,  I finally converted my first book into an ebook and launched that.  I have to also release it on Amazon as well, and then put out a press release.  This of course will be followed by doing it for the second and third books.  Most interestingly is that I also have a first draft of a fourth book which I never released which can be part of the marketing campaign with the wine label.

I also have been dealing with some reflux (gastrointestinal) and it took a minute to get that straightened out.  It was what they call "silent reflux."  And since it was happening for so long, I don"t expect it to go away overnight.

I also had to deal with an asshole client, but in the end it might be a blessing, as it might just open up another revenue stream for me.

So, I am now back more and today I will spend some time recoding part of the site and in the next two weeks, I should have recoded the back-end to the site; this would be the engine which powers the reviews.


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