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At Better Wine For Less, our aim is to introduce individuals, especially those who have the power to make selections as to what is carried by eateries, clubs and special events, to quality wines that cost less than $30 a bottle.

The idea for this site came from the dissatisfaction that I have faced at a lot of clubs and large parties, especially the latter. You know how it is when you pay so much money for a party, such as a fundraiser, with an open bar, to only be given nice selections in liquor, sometimes acceptable selections in beer [for those that actually know what good beer is], and to given a totally bad selection of wines to choose from?

Well, I aim to put a stop to that.

The main problem with this is that the people who can make those decisions have no impetus to make better decisions. They are not into wine(s), and if so, they are simply doing what the status quo before them have done. True, the world of wine can be inundating, but it truly is frustrating for an enthusiast when they can't get a decent glass of wine at at an event that they paid anywhere from $100 on up to get in to. And since no one really complains enough, those that are dissatisfied are never heard, and the cycle never stops.

The second problem is that most reps aren't going to really attempt to push wines to the local casual [or-so] eateries, holding true and tight to the thought process that if the persons going there wanted better wine, they'll either go to a place that serves better wine, or they'll drink at home. Well, I am here to say that it doesn't have to be that way.

The third problem is that the consumer either has developed a bad palate, drinking substandard quaff for the longest time, and doesn't know that wines can actually taste exquisite and exemplary without costing a fortune, or that they simply have grown to accept the brands and vintages as good that are the result of successful marketing campaigns.

Well, here is where the line will be drawn, and where we all, as partakers and enthusiasts of better tasting wines, can make a stand. Not only can this site be used to let us each put our two cents in, as to what are some great quality wines for less than $30, but this can easily become a resource for those people who have the power to choose what wines are carried by caterers, eateries, etc. Maybe as a result, people will start contributing better bottles of wines to friends when they present them as gifts on special occasions or just at casual get togethers.

Well, let's get this movement started folks!

WineHer.com will be both a portal and an on-line community aimed at pushing the wine tasting experiences and exposure of different wines to the African American marketplace.

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Our Mission: Wine Her is aimed at showing the romantic intersection of wines and women. It will not only explore wine suggestions and choices that would be extremely palatable to the largest percentage of female wine drinkers, but also to those that have some not so stereotypical tastes of lighter and/or sweeter wines. Additionally, we'll have some great discussions, debates, stories and articles for men in regards to women, wine, and relationships.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019
9:35:14 PM